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Freindship SMS(English)

A rose will always b a rose
Whether it is in golden pot or in dustbin
Same way, u will always b my best friend
Whether u r in central jail or mental hospital

Frndship has 1 law,
“Never make ur frnd feel alone till u r there”
So disturb ur frnd as much u can
Like I do.

A best friend is like
A four leave clover,
Hard to find n lucky to

A strong bonding doesn’t need daily
Conversation, doesn’t always need togetherness,
As long as trust lives in heart,
True frends never depart.

If u get less msg frm me,
Never think that,
I forgot u,
I m serching
Gor best msg
For a
Best person
Like you.

Respect those frnds
Who find time for u,
In their timetable,
Love those frnds
Who don’t consult their
Timetable when u need them.

Light can replace Dark,
Success can replace Failure,
Smile Can replace Pain,
But Nothing in da World
Can replace ur FRIENDSHIP

Life ends when you stop Dreaming,
Hope ends when you stop Believing,
Love ends when you stop Caring,
Friendship ends when you stop Sharing...


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