BPL-Loop WAP Settings

BPL/Loop WAP Settings for mobile phones

By using BPL WAP you can access mails, Surf websites for information, watch video clips on your laptop with your mobile as a modem
To activate your GPRS service, call on 198 (toll-free)

Manual WAP Settings for your mobile are as follows:
Connection Name : BPL WAP
Data bearer : GPRS or Packet Data.
Access Point Name : mizone
User name : 919821099800 (or your mobile no. anything will work)
Prompt password : No
Password :
Authentication : Normal
Homepage : (your choice)
Server :
Server Port : 9401
Use Proxy : YES
Proxy Address :
Proxy Port : 9401

For more information on Tarrif Plans, Handset based Settings and  Loop GPRS visit this page.


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