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Good quotes

Life is like Cotton,
Dont make it heavier by
dipping it in water of sorrow,
But make it lighter by
blowing in air of joy.
Enjoy every moment of life.


Milkar bichadna
dastur hai zindagi ka,
Ek yehi kissa
Mashhur hai zindagi ka,
Bitey hue pal kabhi
Lautkar nahi aate
Yehi sabse bada
Kasoor hai zindagi ka,

There r many things in life,
Dat wiil catch ur eye,
But only a few will catch,
Ur heart..Pursue those.


In da confrontation between,
Da stream N Da rock,
The stream always wins,
Not thru strength,
But thru persistence.

Every moment, every situation,
Every issue and every concern has a positive side.
Find it and bring it to life....

Be Genuinely Interested in People...
If you try, you can like everybody, and
Everybody will like you......

When you find a Dream inside your heart
Don't ever let it go
For Dreams are the tiny seeds from
Which Beautiful Tomorrows Grow

Never Break four things in your Life
Trust, Promise, Relation, & Heart...
Because when they break
they dont Make Noise But Pain a lot


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