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Reliance GPRS Settings

Reliance GSM WAP Settings

Mobile Internet subscription is mandatory for accessing internet sites on mobile.
Mobile Internet plans can be activated / de-activated directly from WAP enabled handsets.
On WAP enabled handsets, to check mobile internet subscription & usage details. Just go to R World>Mobile Internet>Subscribe

To get WAP Settings, SMS WAP to 55100 on compatible handsets.

Manual Settings for Reliance WAP :
Connection Name : Reliance WAP
Data bearer : GPRS or Packet Data.
Access Point Name : rcomwap
User name : 
Prompt password : No
Password :
Authentication : Normal
Homepage : http://google.co.in (your choice)
Server :
Server Port : 8080
Use Proxy : YES
Proxy Address :
Proxy Port : 8080

For information on Reliance Mobile Internet Data Post Paid Plan Click here & Pre-paid Plan Click here.


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  1. rani says:

    Nice blog Great Information.
    Post announcement of much awaited spectrum-sharing policy, Videocon Telecom plans to pool spectrum with other operators to provide 4G LTE services.

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