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IDEA GPRS Settings

IDEA GPRS Settings

To get GPRS settings onto your phone and browse the net from wherever you are, Sms SET to 54671 (toll free).
Settings will be sent to your phone and you are ready to browse the net from your phone!
Basic browsing charges - 2ps/kb
The charge is toll free from home network.

Manual Settings are as follows :
Connection Name : IDEA GPRS
Data bearer : GPRS or Packet Data.
Access Point Name : imis
User name :
Prompt password : No
Password :
Authentication : Normal
Homepage : http://google.co.in (your choice)
Server :
Server Port : 8080
Use Proxy : YES
Proxy Address :
Proxy Port : 8080

For more information on supported handsets and their settings Click here.
Users from Punjab can Click here for their handset settings.
Others from Punjab users can Click here for settings and information.


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