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Anniversary SMS

We had our ups n downs,
Dis we both know,
Thru it all our love,
Still managed 2 grow,
Different thoughts we had,
About many things,
But our love 4 each other,
Had no attached strings.
Happy Anniversary.

Best wishes 2 u both,
On ur anniversary,
May d love dat u share,
Last ur lifetime thru,
As u make a wonderful pair,
Happy Wedding Anniversary,
2 d beautiful couple in all.

LOVE U r words just 3,
Which mean so much on our ANNIVERSARY.
So dis is wat i want 2 say,
Live in my heart n there 4 ever stay

As u complete another,
365 days of ur happpy 2gether,
Here's wishing 4 many more 2 come,
Happy Anniversary 2 both.

Marriage is dat relation
B/w man n woman where.
D Independence is equal,.
D Dependence mutual n
D Obligation reciprocal".
Best wishes 4,
                     Happy Wedding Anniversary.

                    Nothing in dis world, 
                    C'ld ever b As wonderful as, 
                    Da love u've given me, 
                    Ur love makes my days so very bright, 
                    Just knowing u r my darling wife/Husband.
                                  Happy Anniversary.

I'm sending dis bouquet of 
love 2 say dat,
I love u so much,
I hope I say it often enuf,
I want u 2 know its true,
I want 2 remind dat,
u r my everything n my love is true,
Happy Anniversary.

Come every1 lets give a cheer,
In celebration of a couple dear.
A couple who in love unite,
And are seldom cross and hardly fight.
To a couple who bring joy to all,
May u laugh n sing n,
Have a nice Happy Anniversary.


  1. Very nice sms please post some more. I will definitely come back to read new sms.

  1. Nothing in this world Could ever be
    As wonderful as the love You’ve given me
    Your love makes my days so very bright,
    just knowing you’re my darling wife(Husband).
    Happy Wedding Anniversary

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